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The toughest and the easiest part of living life is to make your own decisions. At SBISMART, we help you do just the same. We empower you to listen to your own voice and to take control of your financial life. Take the reins of your finances in your hands with the help of our Smart Investment Tools, In-Depth Educational Resources, Sophisticated Analysis and an array of Investment Choices that help you pursue your goals with confidence. Experience our SBISMART.com trading platform with powerful new features - Ab Apni Suno.

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SBICAP Securities Ltd (SSL) is part of the SBI group led by the State Bank of India. SBI is the country’s largest bank of India, trusted by many for centuries now earning rightfully the title of the banker to every Indian.


Products & Services

SBICAP Securities is a one stop solution and provides a wide range of Products & Services that fulfill a broad mix of investment needs.


Detailed Quotes

Stock analysis is imperative to your trading decision because it gives you a comprehensive view of the health of the company,


Decisive Screeners

You can be your own financial expert and make a decision based on the efficiently organized information. Our Smart Decisive Screeners filter tons of scrips.


Maps - Financial, Heat & Bubble

One cannot afford to be left behind in this fast moving financial world. Thus, SBISmart enables data organization with the help of Financial, Heat and Scatter maps.


Simplified Investor Education

Be a part of our Smart Institute for an enriching learning experience. As a part of this initiative, we will be conducting audio video webinars


Mobile/iPad Trading App

Our app’s sleek design and enhanced visual interface, advanced tools/widgets and comprehensive investment research make self-directed trading easier than ever before.


Offline & Online Trading Application

Never miss out on a single market opportunity with our smart offline and online trading application feature. Apply for IPOs, invest in bonds and mutual funds



SBICAP Securities Ltd has been assigned a Highest Grade -"BQ1" by CRISIL on the quality of Operations and Service. 


TV Commercials

Watch smart TV commercials depicting the superior features of our enhanced trading portal.